It can be daunting to commission original art. I created this page to make it easier for you.

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Watch The Process

This 2 minute video shows the development of one recent commission:

When that picture was finished, I sent it off, and notified my client it was coming. Then this:

Here’s the finished picture, in a frame:

Gardnor House (Framed).jpeg


Case Studies

Click to enlarge the pictures. Explanations below.

  1. Family Home, London. My client wanted a picture of the home where her husband grew up.
  2. Family Home, London. Commissioned as a present for the woman who has lived here for many years.
  3. A Walk In Hampstead: A wedding anniversary present.
  4. Interior, Isle of Wight: Bright, warm colours at my client’s request.
  5. Interior for E.B.: This is the picture mentioned in the article quoted below.
  6. Framed Landscape: My client asked me to make her a painting – to surprise her. I knew she liked landscapes, and religious images.
  7. Childhood Home, Los Angeles: my client provided family photos, and I studied images from Google Street View today. The underpainting is red, to give the picture warmth.
  8. Family Home, London. Created as a birthday present.

As seen in


How It Works

Commissions always start with a conversation. It needn’t take long, and just talking doesn’t mean that either of us is obliged to go ahead. The point is to be sure we both understand what we’re doing together.

To keep it simple, I’ve created a link to my calendar (at the bottom of this page) with slots for 15 minute calls.

Questions To Think About

What does the picture show?
Who is it for (you or someone else)?
When is it needed?
Where will it go (what kind of room, with what other things / colours)?
Do you have a budget in mind?
Are there works I’ve done that you particularly like?
Where are you based, for delivery or collection?
Why you want it (what effect you want to achieve)?
Size, colour and materials?
Would you like me to arrange delivery?

Naturally, I don’t expect you to have all the answers now. Even thinking about them can be helpful.

If you’re still reading, I imagine you are serious about commissioning something – but I dare say you are also nervous to get in touch.


Currently (March 2023) the investment is approximately £250 for smaller work (up to approximately A4 (8×11” or 210×297mm). From there it tends to scale evenly according to size (£500 for A3, £1000 for A2 and so on).

That said, this is only a guide. If a project strongly appeals to me, I have done commissions for less.

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”Best For A Heartwarming House Gift” – Town & Country House magazine

Emma Burns was thrilled. The managing director of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, one of the world’s leading interior design companies, oozed enthusiasm when she saw the picture she’d commissioned of her home interior. And when she moved, she had a lasting memory of her beloved former property. What better house-warming present can there be?

- “All The Home Services You Could Ever Need”, by Caroline Phillips

More Testimonials

“Oh JP, that’s spot on – exactly what I had in mind – you’ve captured him brilliantly! Thank you so much! I actually welled up when I opened it.”

- Mr G.D.

“Thank you for my picture. I will treasure it.”

- Ms K.D., company director

“A thousands thanks. What a touching and moving image of my old house. It meant an awful lot to me, and my siblings with whom I shared it.”

– Ms A.K., ceo

Wonderful. I’m looking forward to hanging it on the wall.”

- Ms E.W.

“It’s giving me so much pleasure enjoying your gorgeous interpretation of our back garden. X has just seen it and enthused beyond enthusing, saying that is so cute so cute so cute.”

– Ms C.P., writer

I love the picture. It will be hung with pride and happy memories.”

– Ms C.S.

“I love it. so delicate and yet so confident. I have a special place for it.”

– Ms J.R.

“Wow – JP – that is so lovely!”_

- Ms E.D., interior designer

“Thank you so much for the utterly stunning print. It’s so mysterious and alive. I love the lights at dusk and the smoky sky. I’m so much looking forward to choosing the right frame and hanging it.”

- Ms A.B., writer


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