Alt Text Challenge | Series 2, Episode 2

Theme: “Lunchtime Shadows, London”

Several responses to yesterday’s challenge: thank you. I hope you found it stimulating. The winner1:


“Sunny grey pavement with red brick paving at corners, utility covers left. Defined human shadow primed for a selfie, next to ‘floating’ shadow of a dog on a lead, one paw visible.” – N.J.

I particularly liked ‘floating’, a quality I hadn’t noticed myself.


From now on, I’m going to supply two images each day. By seeing two things together, you might notice more about both – because to compare and contrast can itself be highly creative.

Choose whichever you prefer. Only do both if you’re crazy-enthusiastic.

Your assignment: Describe either (or both) of these pictures, in approx 30 words (each), to make them “visible” to somebody who can’t see them.

Purpose of the exercise: To practice your observational and verbal skills.

Tip: Give a sense of what is shown, and the “feel” of the picture, but remember that you are only trying to deliver a textual alternative to the picture. See Series 2 Episode 1 for an example.

Mildly competitive: After ATC Series 1, I received the following feedback:

“I realised by Number 4 that I was getting quite competitive, so I had to take a step back and just enjoy the exercise”.

You have been warned!

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This is the second series of Alt Text Challenge. There are 14 episodes in this series.


Postscript. The winning entry will be posted on the following day’s challenge. Other entries will be posted here if I manage to stay on top of everything.