Alt Text Challenge | Series 2 Episode 1

Your assignment: Describe the picture, in approx 30 words, to make it “visible” to somebody who can’t see it.


Purpose of the exercise: To practice your observational and verbal skills.

Tip: Give a sense of what is shown, and the “feel” of the picture, but remember that you are only trying to deliver a textual alternative to the picture.

Here’s an example (today only):

“Bright, warm-grey pavement. Human shadow nearing faded utility covers (left), leans and twists to photograph own shadow with shadow of dog on tight lead (right), plus one white paw. Red brick paving in corners.”

Mild competition: The winning submission will be decided by the judge (me, almighty and wise).

Please jp at this domain name.

This is the second series of Alt Text Challenge. The theme is “Lunchtime Shadows, London.” There are 14 episodes in this series. Most lack creaturely shadows, and will be very difficult!



The winning entry will be posted on the following day’s challenge. Other entries will be posted here if I manage to stay on top of everything.

“Flatness – a pavement of rectangles, grey and terracotta, with a circular metal cover. A sharp shadow highlights a person and a dog (perhaps) in between the sun and the ground.” – J.W.

“Shadows of a man and his dog cast on a grey concrete pavement with red brick edging, clean except for one yellow item.” – H.C.H.