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Somebody posted something on LinkedIn today and I read it with great interest. I considered leaving a comment, but decided instead to reply with a DM.

We had a brief exchange of messages, which reminded me how often people underestimate the value of their own experiences and insights. What seems ordinary to us could be a source of inspiration or learning for someone else.

This person’s posts demonstrate that every day. But it’s difficult to see that about ourselves. I certainly find it hard.

ME: Have you ever considered writing a book about your experiences? Have you collected all these posts somewhere?

HIM: I have not. I’m not sure I’m that interesting. The stories currently reside on LinkedIn so I figure they are retrievable should that ever be appropriate. Do you think anyone would be interested? I seem to get lots of likes but less in the form of debate/engagement? And thank you for the compliment (?).

Me: Yes, it was a compliment, though not intended as such. I think what you say strikes a lot of people as honest and insightful. I hope that at the very least you will gather pieces like this post because it’s about your life! Even if you keep it only for yourself, LinkedIn is not a great archive.

Him: Is it not? I did not know that. I thought it stayed on my page forever? Maybe I need to create a word document or similar?

Me: I don’t mean to say that it will bin anything imminently but you never know – you have little control over it.

Him: Good point. Maybe a job for a rainy day.

Me: Or at least save posts from now on as PDFs? Go to “print” and instead press save as PDF


I hope other people might get something useful from this exchange.

1. Recognise Your Value: Many people underestimate the value of their experiences and insights, despite (as in this case) getting lots of engagement.

2. Compile Your Work: Whether for a book or a personal archive, this allows you to see your growth and potentially repurpose your work later.

3. Don’t Rely on Social Platforms: It’s just sensible to keep a copy. Platforms change, without warning, and you deserve to have control over your work.

4. Easy Archiving: Saving posts as PDFs is quick, easy, and preserves the formatting.


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