Welcome, friends of Twigger!

The first time I met Rob was at the launch party for his first book, Angry White Pyjamas, which came out marginally before my first book, with the same publisher.

Rob’s book launch was the first literary event I’d attended, and I was impressed. We became friends.

Together at Trinity College Dublin.

Over the years, we’ve done various things together, including theatrical improvisation on stage (“a gripping investigation into the strength of the human spirit”, said Philip Ardagh, overstating the matter for comic effect) and to workshop my historical novel.

We both also developed an interest in illustration.

Drawings of Book Covers

Recently, I’ve been drawing the covers of some favourite books. (Haven’t got round yet to Angry White Pyjamas.) Some of the pictures are available as coasters, for literary types to rest a mug, cup or tumbler:

More available (see below).

Thank You, Friends of Twigger

To thank you for looking in, I hope you’ll accept 20% off the price of coasters available here. Just type “TWIGGER” into the checkout.


PS. That code should work for anything else in my online shop too.