Walk And Talk For Mental And Physical Health

Man with rucksack (John-Paul Flintoff) stands at fork in path on Hampstead Heath with hands pointing both ways and questioning expression.

Talk for Health invited us to run a three-hour storytelling pilgrimage from Islington to Hampstead, over Hampstead Heath.

A wonderful group of people took risks telling true stories, and others that were entirely made up.

We even had a go at competitive storytelling, and finished at Hampstead Parish Church, lighting a candle in thanks before saying goodbye.

Minnie Great morning […] wandering round the heath telling stories & encouraging others to share theirs… ????
Thank you all for sharing your stories & listening to mine..

Mamta It was fun and deeply insightful. Thank you JP and everyone else who joined us. Would definitely come to the next one, if you would offer it again.

Paul Thurlow
It was fun, it was different to any other Hampstead Heath walk I’ve done before, in a good way. Enjoyed the exercises we did; enjoyed getting to know some of the other people a little better, outside the usual T4H settings; saw some parts of Hampstead village I’d not seen before. When’s the next one?