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Structure Of The Course

The course is designed to maximise opportunities to interact in real-time, while also allowing you to catch up with things you missed.

The most important dates for your calendar are the first group zoom and the last one. You’ve already confirmed the first. Here’s the date for the last one:

Final Group Zoom | Thursday 3 Aug, 3pm UK time | Zoom

I’ll send Zoom links etc nearer the time.

Additional Live Sessions

In between the first and last Zooms, I’ll run a series of live sessions covering key topics. In each case, you can join live (recommended) or watch the replay later.

  1. how to overcome your nerves
  2. how to interview each other so the content is most useable
  3. how to use a particular AI tool to create a transcript
  4. how to use analogue mind maps to plot your structure
  5. how to make your stories and information more powerful
  6. how to select the right images and footage (what the video “shows).
  7. how even technophobes can make a simple video

Session Registration
Please scroll down to the end of this page to be sure you don’t miss anything. On your way, please take a moment to fill in the SYWOGV Registration form below.

Take as long as you like with it. The first page, which you see, helps me to understand the kind of tech you have access to. The next pages related to each of the sessions listed above – I’d just like to know what you want from each session. You don’t have to answer – now or ever, completely up to you.

If you change your mind, you should be able to come back and have another go at the form whenever you like.

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