"Do I Have Sleepless Nights? I do"

In this episode of an ADEQUATE podcast (audio below)…

Do I have sleepless nights? I do.png

I tell you about a man I interviewed (in real life) a while ago, because I interviewed him again more recently (on Zoom, in lockdown) and I thought you should know his backstory. He’s Brendan Barns.

Plus… a highlight from an interview with Dr Guy Hayward, all-round entertainer and polymath. It was Guy who inspired me to do last year’s Virtual Pilgrimage (and this year’s too).

Your good fortune really is boundless today because in this episode I additionally lob you a handful of facts about a remarkable writer, Hilaire Belloc – a man who helped to re-create the combination of storytelling and pilgrimage in the UK.

Finally… I continue to experiment with sound effects because – well, this is audio, and I’m enjoying myself.