"Side Street, Offices of The Economist"

One of the first big (ie, long) stories I wrote after my breakdown was for The Economist’s glossy sister magazine, 1843.

I have grateful memories of popping into the building on the left to talk about it.

It was not a story about having a breakdown. It involved a ten day trip to Florida, which terrified me, but I realised I could still do it.

If you are having a hard time, please know that you will come through it – and may even end up wandering around London drawing hanging baskets of petunias.

Ink on paper, with digital colouring.

A4 Giclee print for sale.
Archival inks on textured Hahnemuhle paper.
£47 including postage

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Alt Text Challenge

I’m challenging subscribers to my newsletter to provide “Alt Text” to a series of pictures.

Alt Text is used to describe online images to people with visual impairment – to say what the picture shows, and to give a sense of its “feel”.

The first entry to come in has been inserted as the actual Alt Text for the picture on this page. Other entries that came in fast are here:

Ink drawing, windowed three-storey building on one side with traffic cone outside, hanging basket of purple and orange petunias on the other. Cars parked along the road in the middle.