2024: Planning The Year Ahead, With AI and Bits of Paper

Year Plan 2024 (as at 28 Dec 2023).jpg

I hate planning, and I love it. Or rather, I hate the prospect of planning, but actually enjoy doing it.

This morning, I decided to approach it in a new way. I would combine my lifelong enthusiasm for bits of paper with my newer adoption of AI tools.

In case you are interested in trying something similar, here’s an overview:

1. I took my paper 2023 diary/planner/notebook, and recorded a rambling account into my phone of what I found there. I recorded things that I’d done, things I’d failed to do. I recorded dates, and themes, and the kinds of people I was working with.

2. I used the recording to make a transcript, and fed the raw transcript into ChatGPT. I asked ChatGPT to put it into some order. I did this various ways (date, theme, etc).

3. I asked ChatGPT to “be my business manager” and help me to create a schedule for 2024. This involved much to-and-fro, as I adjusted things it simply hadn’t understood, or to cram in things I’d overlooked (like the need to take holidays).

What you see here are rows of different kinds of work: mentoring and teaching writers; teaching public speaking; creating and selling art; B2B work; and courses I’ve done before that can be re-launched as evergreen content.

If you want to know about any of these things in more detail, just let me know.

Thanks for looking.

Overview of the Plan

I made a video about how I created this year plan, because I think that could be helpful and interesting to others doing something similar.

I then cut the video in half. The first has more to do with AI, the second is more analogue. Watch both to understand how I combine them.

First video:

Second video: