Pilita Clark Writing Her Column For The Financial Times

Pilita Clark is a columnist at The Financial Times. I used to sit next to Pilita when we both worked on the FT’s Saturday magazine.

The sound of her typing, which you hear in this episode of an ADEQUATE podcast, took me right back to that time, as I pictured Pilita “typing up a storm” (a phrase she used to use herself sometimes).

If you would like to read what Pilita was writing while you listen to her typing, you can download the PDF here:

Pilita Clark's Column For The FT.pdf (1.2 MB)

As you listen, you can hear a wonderful sigh after about 16m 30s of typing. It’s not quite a sigh of relief, because she’s still got a few minutes left. I don’t know what kind of sigh it is. I don’t suppose Pilita knows, either.

But it makes me think about my own typing process, and how I probably do tend to hold my breath while developing a particular line of thought.

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