"When I'm On My Deathbed I'll Remember This"

Posted: 12 March 2021

This episode of An ADEQUATE Podcast covers so much, in one relatively short interview.

Dr Nic Hooper (drawing, above, by me) talks about:

- what it’s like to prepare to publish his first book;
- mental health (good and bad, his own, mine, other people’s);
- how illustrations can complement words, without being cheap;
- the physiological effect of watching Tom Cruise hanging off a skyscraper with one glove;
- what Nic will remember when he’s dying;
- whether to keep video recordings to put on a website he doesn’t even have (oops, he does now: https://www.nichooper.co.uk), and why I needed to trim this interview.

Finally, I’d like to draw your attention to the wonderful bit of cello that ends the show, a gift from my gifted friend Julia van Beuningen; and to add (in light of the previous episode) that there’s a rhetorical term for what I just did, using both gift and gifted in a single sentence.

Can you tell me what it is?

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Update: March 2022

Now that this website has been overhauled by the excellent Julian, I am able to show here a gallery of drawings I made for Nic’s book. I hope you like them.