John-Paul Flintoff

"When I'm On My Deathbed I'll Remember This"

This episode covers so much, in one relatively short interview.

Dr Nic Hooper (drawing by me) talks about:

what it’s like to prepare to publish his first book;
mental health (good and bad, his own, mine, other people’s);
how illustrations can complement words, without being cheap;
the physiological effect of watching Tom Cruise hanging off a skyscraper with one glove;
what Nic will remember when he’s dying;
whether to keep video recordings to put on a website he doesn’t even have (oops, he does now:, and why I needed to trim this interview.

Finally, I’d like to draw your attention to the wonderful bit of cello that ends the show, a gift from my gifted friend Julia van Beuningen; and to add (in light of the previous episode) that there’s a rhetorical term for what I just did, using both gift and gifted in a single sentence.

Can you tell me what it is?

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Posted: March 12, 2021

Keywords: mental health, illustrating, author

John-Paul Flintoff headshot, with Yours Truly written across it John-Paul Flintoff is author of six books, in 16 languages, including How To Change The World and A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech. He worked for 15 years as writer and associate editor on the Financial Times, the Sunday Times and other papers and magazines.

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