Newsletter Challenge, June to July 2021

The Newsletter Challenge. Four Weeks. Twenty Weekdays. Twenty Emails. Join me in creating a daily newsletter for one month.

Twenty Weekdays. Twenty Emails.

Send them to me and I will read them all.

I will occasionally offer some comments and ask questions, but that’s secondary. The most important thing is that you know I’ll be waiting for your emails, and reading them.

The only thing I ask is that you start the month with at least two other recipients (not including me). I need to know that you’ve told somebody else about your pop-up newsletter.

Places are limited, because I can only read so many emails.


The Newsletter Challenge is free to members of my Whizzy Group.

The standard price for the month is £647.

But if you join my Special Projects membership I will give you 25% off, and charge just £485.

Sorry, this has finished now.