I've been writing a few poems, for subscribers to my crowd-funded novel, What If The Queen Should Die?
They're in the manner of Alexander Pope (who appears as a character in the novel),
but sincerely meant by me. Here's one.

To T.B and M.A.
At Tina's flat now let us pass one day,
And see what might emerge from hours of play.
With ease, like Tina scootering through traffic,
We'll take an abstract concept, make it graphic.
Mike find a strategy, ruse, tactic – all
To make the thing we build more practical.
Mapologists, your colourful displays
Make plain the hidden path through any maze:
Like, overcome What's Bugging You. Find presents.
Choose pets: cat, cockerpoo, mouse, snail or pheasant?
Collaborators, when I asked aloud
You read my thoughts on funding by the crowd,
Helped shape a plan, encouraged: “Try Unbound!”
Lost, then, I was, map-makers. Now I'm found.