Talks and workshops: what people say

If you're looking at this page, I'm guessing it's because you want to find out about WORKING WITH ME in some way.


To make it easier for you to make up your mind, here's a film describing feedback I received after running a session at one of the world's L A R G E S T companies, well known for its pioneering good works:

That particular session was about How To Change The World, but we included quite a bit about Communication, and Creativity.

People took RISKS in front of each other, using exercises I learned as a theatrical improviser.

They were nervous at first, and exhilarated afterwards.

I like this work with groups and audiences.

I'm not totally hopeless at it:


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was not only very good of you to trust us with a slightly bonkers and highly imperfect format but you are just so great in front of a live audience!”
– Lucy Siegle, One Show presenter

“Your talk was so fantastic: you injected such energy in to a cynical post-work audience, and the exercises worked brilliantly (despite their initially terrified faces)… brilliantly charismatic and inspiring”
- Innocent

What next?

I hope this gives you some sense of my approach, and what I'm like as a human being, so that you are better placed to go ahead and contact me.

Speak soon!