Life coach to the queen - LIVE!

I did a live, unscripted hour-long event at the Also Festival, with Jude Claybourne. Our plan consisted of five Post-it notes. I knew that Jude was going to turn on me, and make me look bad. She did it magnificently. And then she also made me look very good. This (above) was the promo trailer.

What happened? In a nutshell, Jude Claybourne pretended to be a journalist, then she turned on me, to the horror of the audience, then she morphed into my coach Fenella Rouse, then we talked about impro, then we ended up with actual tears, as we brought members of the audience up to represent Queen Anne's lost children.

Ben Spencer interviewed Jude – and when I saw what Jude said, I nicked her sentence to use it as the last line in my book. Once again, being open to a scary process yielded some great material. I'm so lucky to have these people to work with.