“Jan, sitting in pew” | A4 Giclee print

20 signed, dated, limited edition prints in each size.

This is a mock-up. The real thing will be signed, dated and numbered with a narrow white border.

This is Jan, the third member of the clergy I sketched before lockdown. Jan was also the last person I sketched, on the Sunday just before everything shut down.

The sketch is part of a project, “Be Drawn”, in which I drew 35 portraits of the community at Hampstead Parish Church, in North London.

The pictures were supposed to go on display in the church at Easter, but lockdown, in response to Covid-19, put an end to that.
Instead, I sent out the pictures by email, hoping it might create a teeny sense of community at a grisly time.

As the church started to open up, we prepared to exhibit the physical prints after all.