It's all Greek to me

… But also German. Oh, and Dutch. And Spanish

Greek and German soccer fans having faces painted

Copyright: Ekathimerini

Can you help me? I feel very lucky that my book How To Change The World is being published in other languages than English, and really want to promote awareness of it – so that people can change the world (obviously).

It's coming soon in Greek, just came out in Dutch and German, and has been available in Spanish for a little while. Yay!

One thought I had – not much, but it's a start – might be to have a page on my website devoted to each edition, including a short amount of text in the relevant language, and possibly a short film (an interview?).

In the spirit of the book, I am asking you to help me. Can you interview me (if only by phone or Skype)? Or if I use Google Translate to put a short piece of text into another language, will you help me to ensure that it makes sense?

Do you have any other ideas?