Interviewing myself - as the meanest possible journalist

Drawing my inner critic
Drawing (by me) of my own Inner Critic.

I’ve now received recordings of my beastly questions from four generous friends (more background on this here), and I think that may be all I’m going to get.

It’s been interesting to note the effect it had on them, too.

  1. “I must say I felt rather mean as I was doing that. And it’s an interesting feeling… to be thanked for being horrible ;-)”
  2. “You are hard on yourself with the questions – and they are often closed questions (in theory demanding yes or no answers) I note!”
  3. “Feel like such a cow having said all those mean things.”

“Interesting”? Yes, because as a journalist I know how painful it can be to ask unkind questions, AND I know how easily we can become hardened against that, and forget the impact our questions have on both sides of the reporter’s notebook/microphone/camera. So hearing this from non-journalists is – yup, interesting.

When the edited audio is ready, I will film myself listening to it and you will be able to watch its effect on me.



Postscript. January 2023

I just found this, here in the archive, while looking for something else.

I thought it might be interesting to add a bit of context. Soon after sharing this, wherever I did share it, I received a kindly message from a friend – a journalist, as it happens, with whom I worked when I was just starting out, on a trade publication. He said: don’t do it. You’re so hard on yourself, he said. And he pointed out various other places where he had seen me being hard on myself.

I think I replied that it was fine, I knew what I was doing (though more politely).

Subsequently, I know that he was right. It wasn’t a good idea. It was a very bad idea.