On being inspired by a school teacher

Oh crumbs I'm excited now – just sent in a song suggestion for The Chain on BBC6Music, following today's suggested song, an old one by Ivor Cutler.

I suggested Moon River, which hasn't been played before, so I'm in with a chance.

Mr Cutler used to teach singing and dancing and poetry and all kinds of other capers at my primary school. He taught us famous songs – but with his own words. Moon River went: “Fried Liver, where are you tonight, I'd like to take a bite at you. With fried onions, as big as Mum's bunions, and strong as the things at the zoo.” (We had to hold our nose at “strong”, to indicate strong smelling.)

I promised the BBC I would sing this for them / wouldn't, if they preferred not. When will I grow up.

When I shared this on Facebook, my schoolfriend Rachel Feuchtwang commented: “I'll join you, we can do a medley: Jelly mountain, i wanna go to school today, all with live actions. And then we can run across the room with drawing pins shouting ‘A tack! A tack!'”