Inside The Whizzy Group

Yesterday I closed applications for the second iteration of the Whizzy Group. I thought it might help people thinking about joining in future to give a sense of what happens.

Part of the offer this time was to provide as much one-to-one time as participants want, throughout May, June, July.

The offer was suggested to me by an extremely eminent coach1, who has done the same thing herself.

But it dawned on me today that participants might feel awkward seizing chunks of my time, and prefer a bit of structure.

So I created six regular lunchtime slots, using, and posted a link in the Whizzy Group private forum.

Rather than just tell you this, here’s a screenshot to show the forum’s mere (but actual) adequacy, and a reminder of the Whizzy Group rules:

Whizzy Group Forum, with Rules and One-to-One

Adequate forum, with rules and one-to-one slots

As ever, I hope this might:
  1. interest you in joining me
  2. interest you in starting your own thing along similar lines

The Whizzy Group is closed to new members for now, sorry.

1 Jenny Rogers. Listen to her chat with me about coaching here