Stick to the programme

Yesterday I popped into the offices of Unbound to pick up the publishing schedule for my book, now that it's fully funded.

We're aiming to launch in March, which is a great month for that – and gives me oodles of chances to entertain myself (and I hope others) on the way there.

I'm going to continue promoting the book, because I can always do with more readers (full funding pretty well only means we don't make a loss, and can afford to publish at all). But from now on I'll be fundraising in an entirely new spirit. No longer is the underlying message, in effect, “Oh help me!”

Instead, it's something more like, “Hey, we're having a party over here, why not join us?”

But right now, raising the number of readers is secondary. The key thing, according to this lengthy sched, is to execute a number of significant changes to the MS in the next THREE DAYS (which are fairly crammed with appointments already).

But I do like a challenge.

Wish me luck – and do join our party! x

PS. For the sake of accuracy, I would like to explain that the schedule was actually handed to me, and charmingly explained to me, by Isobel Frankish and John Mitchinson, but I forgot to exploit the photo opportunity, so Mathew Clayton kindly stepped in to re-enact this important moment.