"I Am A Super Nervous Speaker"

Recently, someone asked if I would do a talk at an event she’s running – a fundraising event for a very good cause.

But it’s not my cause. It’s hers.

I asked why she didn’t do the talk herself.

Like this:



I thought she might say that.

For what it’s worth, I believe that her nerves will be much more effective than anything I could say.

In my next message, I offered to help her construct a talk about this thing she cares so much about.

Or, if she really can’t bear to speak in person, I would help her to pre-record a simple video.

It’s not complicated: I would ask questions, she would answer them.

I said that she could include this screenshot (above) from our WhatsApp in her invitation to guests: I’m sure they would love to come and support somebody who feels nervous.

She hasn’t answered yet.