How To Change The World (Again)

How would YOU like to change the world?

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing people in Sofia, Bulgaria, who spent the last 10 years actively devoted to doing good things – prompted, they claimed, by my book.

The organisation, One Percent Change, was founded by Svetla Parmakova with her friends Eftim Eftimov and Mariya Mineva. (Svetla had heard me talk about my book in London.)

Since then, OPC has grown and raised one million Bulgarian leva, to distribute among 100 causes around the country.

I met some of the people running those causes, including a hospice, and people still just now joining the movement, such as an educational project for young Roma.

I was very impressed.

It lifted the spirits to be part of the celebration. Here are some highlights:

I was astonished to be interviewed by Bulgarian TV presenter Tzveta McGregor, on a wide range of topics. Svetla told me I’m very humble and shouldn’t have been surprised – but there you are.

On social media last week I shared a little about this joyful trip to Sofia. I was a bit nervous that it might look as if I was claiming credit for what Svetla, Eftim and Mariya have achieved – along with the others who have joined One Percent Change.

But nobody seems to think I was trying to steal the credit. On the contrary, as far as I can tell many people who saw my posts found them uplifting – enjoyed reading about all the ripples of goodwill continuing to ripple out:

Some social media warmth.

But What Next?

My friends in Bulgaria wondered about doing a Bulgarian translation of the book. That would be lovely, I said, but what about updating it with examples from your own world?

Now, I’m thinking it might be fun to go over the whole book in a larger group, providing mutual support and encouragement – and gathering additional case studies.

I could record each chapter in turn (they’re not long) and invite comments.

No sound: it’s a gif

Mostly we could collaborate asynchronously, but we could also have some live group zoom sessions.

If we did this over a whole month, we could gather a lot of useful material. (And motivation.)

It would be like one big group coaching program.

If this sounds interesting, please sign up here.

And if there is enough interest, I will be back in touch with details.