Historic Events On TV | Illustration As Reportage

Blimey. A lot has happened in the last week.


Reportage illustration: going out into the world, seeing things, and drawing them. Or in this case: watching events unfold on TV.


New King Charles III

King Charles III, making his first public speech.

As a longstanding fan of Shakespeare, and having studied Hamlet in particular five years in a row (five!), I was pleased when the new King quoted from that play – expressing the hope that flights of angels might sing the late Queen to her rest.

It got me thinking about the magnificent paintings of great figures being taken up to heaven – pictures by the likes of Rubens. I wondered what a modern version might look like.

Flights of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest.

But this is to stray from reportage into something much more fanciful. I guess that’s what happens when I am “reporting” on what I see on telly.

Perhaps I should go out and sketch the crowds of well-wishers and mourners etc.

Maybe I shall. We’ll see.

Update, 19 Sept.

I didn’t go to see the crowds. I was outside London. I watched the funeral, like everything else, on telly.

I drew the wreath on the coffin, which comprised flowers from the royal family’s various gardens (scroll down to see it):