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I called it “Show Yourself With One Great Video”. It’s an opportunity for you, or perhaps someone else you know, to create an introductory video for a website or social media channels.

It worked well as a group thing because it can be very difficult for someone working alone to

1. Work out what to say
2. Say it naturally
3. Handle the tech

That’s probably why I see many people who make excellent videos showcasing their work – without ever appearing in them. Plainly, it’s not the tech that’s hard – not for them, anyway – it’s speaking naturally.

And that’s hardly surprising: everyone feels weird speaking into camera to nobody in particular.

Look and sound natural – instantly

The solution is extremely simple: speak to someone. If you can think of someone already, please stop reading and ask them now, before procrastination sets in. Set up a conversation on Zoom (or similar) and make a recording.

But if you speak to me you’ll be speaking to an interviewer with years of experience on newspapers and magazines interviewing so-called Hollywood royalty, top politicians and artists and activists and writers and business people – and many supposedly “ordinary” people who never turn out to be ordinary at all.


With me, you will be talking to someone who can ask incisive questions and also give you the time and space to answer them. I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say. And as someone trained in improvisational theatre I can role-play any ideal audience you care to mention.

If you’re a writer and you want me to pretend to be a literary agent I’ll do that. If you’re an artist and you want me to be an art collector, or a gallery owner, I will. If you’re a therapist and you want your video to be addressed to potential clients – that’s fine too. And so on.

In this short video, I’m told exactly “who to be” before starting an interview:

Additionally, if you work one-to-one with me, you’ll be working with someone who has the technical know-how to save a recording and provide a transcript and the journalistic experience to find insights in the transcript that might not otherwise have occurred to you.

Being just one person, I can’t work one-to-one with everybody. But in the course I share powerful interview techniques for you to practice with others.

As a result, you’ll find the answer to the problem I listed above as number 1. “Work out what you want to say”.

On the next page, I’ll explain how.

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