Filming the crowd-funding pitch

A graveyard in Hampstead, north London. I'm here to make a film promoting my forthcoming novel, What If The Queen Should Die?, with (from left) Tim, Emily and Georgia from Unbound.

I've been thinking about this novel for so long – years and years – and suddenly it feels as if everything is coming together really fast.

It's been only a short time since I first contacted Unbound, the publisher that specialises in crowd-funding, and since then I've already had meetings with editors and marketing people to discuss strategy and tactics. I'm so happy to be working with a publisher willing to move fast, because it's making the whole thing feel like an incredible adventure.

Today, in the film, we try to strike a balance between talking about the book itself, the unusual process by which it was created – and the exciting process of crowd-funding.

Like impro, raising money from members of the public, in order to fund the book, offers the potential for massive failure. But as I like to tell other people: it's only the possibility of failure that makes anything worth doing.

Postscript. And here's the film: