Courses You Can Do With Me (Page In Construction!)

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Get Your Book Done – Fast

You may have dreamed for a long time about writing a book – but never done it, precisely because it is a … keep reading

Highwire Rhetoric
Weekly on YouTube

Every Friday at 4.30pm UK

Turn One Sheet Of Paper Into A Book
Finished. Back soon

Emails and video.

Turn Family Story To Heirloom

Create a beautiful, heartfelt Xmas present

Sketching, To Beat Writer’s Block

How to 'see' what was previously blank

Write Your Best Emails In 30 Days Starts Jan 2023

Join others, with twice-weekly support

Silence Your Inner Critic
Starts January 2023

Sketch: showing my inner critic
This is me, with mine

Impro For Storytellers Coming soon

Let the stories flow, instantly

Think Like A Journalist Coming soon

25 rough hand sketched head and shoulders images in shades of grey
So many ways to find readers

Adequate To Excellent Public Speaking Coming soon

John-Paul Flintoff, speaker
Five part course, based on my 2021 book.