1 Million Conversations

It seems as if everybody, these days, is stuck in a little bubble. Most of the time, we speak only to people who share our views.

What happens if we meet others who think differently? Watch this:

1 min 22 secs

What does yours say?

What does it take to create meaningful connection? A hot drink! To start a revolution in conversations, I’m taking specially designed mugs, and tea, to get people talking.

2 mins 36 secs

At work

Many companies aspire to open communication. But saying “my door is always open” is not enough.

Sometimes the opportunity for free exchange of ideas has to be forced.

Karl Plunkett knows how awkward that can be, having taken part in an open – and televised – discussion of wages at the company where he works. Read more…

Work with you

Unbound is a company that has turned traditional publishing upside down, by creating direct exchange between authors and readers.

CEO Dan Keiran tells how JP Flintoff created the space for a powerful conversation:

1 min 22 secs

In the home

Sometimes important conversations never take place. The adventurer Joe Simpson (author of Touching The Void) talks here about his late father.

5 mins 21 secs

Making conversation easy

Our mugs are designed specifically to create easy ways into conversations.

Ask me (contacts below) about how we can work with your organisation, and don’t forget to buy our bestselling mugs here: