Thank you for asking me to your book group

Friends of Marie!

Does this look familiar? It’s the book you’ll be talking about at your book group:

What If The Queen Should Die?

I’ll be joining you at the book group, through the miracle of the internet.

To explain why, and to say hello in advance, I recorded a tiny video for you:

1 min 36 secs

A friend asked me why I made this film in the car. Had I been kicked out of the house? Happily not. I just got rather excited about recording a video while I was driving, and decided to record it at once.



In case you’re wondering, I’ve done a fair number of readings before, and I do talks here and there…

…sometimes quite big ones…

but I’ve never joined a book club over Skype.

You’re the first.

And I’m really chuffed to be asked. (Thanks, Marie!)

If you want to know a teeny bit more about the book, go here: Queen Anne book



Update: Your questions

Already, I’ve received some questions from you, directly by email.

Thank you!

And I’ve created another page, in which I pasted your Questions and posted some Answers in advance.

I did that using video (mostly under 2 mins each).

But I didn’t answer everything, so we still have something to talk about…

To see if I answered YOUR questions on that Q&A page, go here.



See you soon! If you want to leave any further comments or questions below, I’ll be delighted to reply. :-)