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The Course

If you sign up to Become A Better Speaker In 30 Days, you’ll get:

✅ Five Modules, taking you approximately two hours each.

✅ Homework, built around ideas from from Rhetoric, Speechwriting, Journalism, Event Planning, Preaching, Litigation, Politics, Theatrical Impro, Sales, Activism and Motivational Speaking.

✅ Case Studies, including beginners who overcame their own fears to start public speaking.

✅ Audio files and transcripts.

✅ Access to me during two 60 minute “office hours” each week. If you’re the only person who comes along, it’s basically a one-to-one session.

✅ Access to ongoing mutual support in a Private LinkedIn Group.

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What Happened?

I mentioned on the previous page that I ran a course before the book came out. It was highly participative, with 90 minute Zoom calls and one-to-one sessions.

Over a few weeks, individuals who hadn’t known each other at all became a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement.

Here’s some of the feedback they gave each other during and after those final talks:

12:42:20 Great delivery!
12:42:40 Real gravitas and powerful
12:50:01 Love the playfulness
12:55:41 Really inspiring, makes me want to see your work
12:56:10 really interesting, was with you the whole way through
12:56:45 Very natural and engaging – brilliant project!
13:05:26 Loved the down to earthiness of your talk
13:06:03 Really well put and clear, and super relevant
13:13:22 Very moving
13:13:29 Incredibly powerful. Well done.
13:22:16 gripped to know what happens!
13:30:29 raw and honest, compelling to listen to
13:39:19 Delightful and surprising. Such a great idea for a talk – and good advice for our lives!

And the first participant on this course (the one you can sign up for, below) wrote this after joining me in the first Office Hours session:

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your time, attention, and insights today. They’ve been invaluable.

I’m not even two full lessons into this course, but already I’m thinking completely differently about what public speaking is, and how I might shape a personally meaningful talk into something valuable for others – a talk I would not have considered at all, had I not been (gently) pushed to consider it!

I was also grateful for your honesty about your own public speaking experiences throughout this session. Not only were they fascinating to listen to and learn from, but I felt encouraged to open up in return. This has helped me define some more areas to think about for my Arrangement homework.

I’m a bit scared about where all this is going to end up (I’m thinking it might be a big, hairy talk!) but this is already turning out to be a thought-provoking and fulfilling course, so thank you again.

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It’s your turn now.


Your Commitment

I’ve set this up so that immediately after payment you’ll be sent directly to a page where you can book the office hours slots that suit you; and get started with your first (smallish, but important) bit of homework.

If you want to start immediately, you can.

If you need to start at a later date, let me know, and I’ll hold off sending you anything.

The fee is £750, including a £50 donation to Samaritans for everybody who takes part; plus as many as two office hours sessions with me each week over the month – every Monday and Thursday from 12.30 to 1.30pm (UK).

If you really want to take part, but struggle with that fee, send me an email explaining your situation.

Pay Now: £750
Includes £50 donation to Samaritans

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This “receipt” email from Samaritans (below) acknowledges the contribution made by the first person, N.S., who took this course.

I’m not going to post them all (!) but I hope it motivates you to see that by improving your own speaking you will make it easier for others to speak.

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