Draw a pleasant picture of a house in Russia. Send it to the people who live there with a note hoping they are safe and wishing for an end to the war in Ukraine.

The pics below show how I chose this house, in a Russian city near Ukraine using Google Maps, zoomed in to choose a house at random and sketched from Streetview – taking a note of the address in Cyrillic letters.

A good thing to do with children, I would guess.


This idea is indebted to the White Rose group of students who, in Nazi Germany during the war, wrote letters to fellow citizens all over the country, choosing names and addresses at random, with detailed accounts of what Hitler’s regime was really doing.

The most famous of the group was Sophie Scholl (centre). Pic by me.

The idea to draw houses in Russia is inspired by my own feelings of powerlessness as I watch dreadful news of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

I don’t believe for a moment that my own drawing and letter will make any difference unless many, many other people feel moved to do something similar / better.