Falling into angry victim mode

Between us, authors imagine entire worlds, and share great quantities of wisdom. But when it comes to the business of publishing, too many of us go blank, and hand over control.

Then we fall into angry victim mode, complaining about the manifest failings of an industry in upheaval. And that doesn't help anybody.

It's true that there are problems. Big problems. But why should our response to those problems lack the creativity that we bring to our writing?

I’m thrilled to be working with a group of authors who intend to change that –  by imagining what publishing might be like if authors had more say in it, and then taking action to bring that about.

We include authors who are relatively new to publishing, and others who feel they have been fortunate, and want to create opportunities for others.

In the first place, we're coming together for an event, which we're calling, Did Anybody Ask The Author? because that question has become a cliche in publishing. It's a question asked at the end of meetings, in the absence of the person who created the book in question, and too often answered in the negative.

Where do YOU feel like a victim?

You may not be an author. But whatever industry you work in, or world you inhabit, I'll bet there are times when you fall into angry victim mode.

Is that because you are a “beginner”? Or are you somebody who's been fortunate – and can see how little opportunity there is for the people coming after you?

Either way, what are you going to do about it?