A vote is a very blunt instrument

Tomorrow, when the votes have been counted, politicians will read into the numbers whatever they like.

If you voted tactically, they will claim that more people endorsed them than really did.

Same if you vote half-heartedly.

They will choose for themselves how to interpret that little ✖️ of yours, or your spoiled ballot.

I don't blame them.

If I received a message saying “✖️” I would be a bit stumped.

I'd do my best to make sense of it, then get on with whatever I was going to do anyway.

Over the last days I have read and heard all kinds of things about why not / to vote for so-and-so. Some things in the manifestos, some not.

The individual candidates in question don't know your reasons for backing them unless you tell them, explicitly.

And you can do that.

As well as voting, you can write and tell your chosen candidate briefly what, precisely, you would like them to do.

Be specific. And do it today, before the votes are counted.

You can write almost exactly the same message to any other candidates likely to win, because when this is over you may be stuck with them.

Speaking for myself, I have been ably and generously assisted at times by politicians representing all the main parties.

I'm grateful to them.

They don't seem to be evil.

Believing that one side has all the answers and is uniquely able to fix everything may be a mistake.

Some of the best political innovations have been made by the other lot.

And some really dumb things came from your lot.

They probably meant well…

My point is that VOTING is only the start.

It's what you do afterwards, to keep on engaging, that makes the real difference….

What else can you do?

In my book, How To Change The World, I describe how you can have an impact every day, without voting.

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