Stop wasting time and money on networking that doesn't work

You know what it’s like.

You go to a conference or networking event and leave feeling overlooked, unheard and frustrated.

Instead of feeling grateful to the organiser, you feel frustrated. Perhaps even angry.

They’ve wasted your time, and a lot of their own money.

Happily, there’s another way.

With a bit of thought, even groups that don’t know each other well can quickly harness the capabilities of every participant, creating a strong bond, and making everybody present feel valued.

Done this way, networking can be more useful, and also more entertaining.

And it might actually cost less.


The publisher, Unbound, invited me to organise a day long workshop with 25 leading authors, to reinvent an industry in decline.

(Read about it here)

The government of Northern Ireland wanted to encourage and strengthen collaboration among community groups.

(Read about it here)

The consultancy firm, Accenture, asked me to create networking events that were entirely about the “Art of Networking”. I’ve done this for several others too.

“I’ll remember these lessons for the rest of my career” – participant, Accenture

A financial services organisation asked me to inject suspense, and meaningful audience participation, into its AGM – to maximise the impact of its first consumer product launch.

Who else needs this kind of event:

  1. Teams that need to be re-engaged, with real input into strategy
  2. Membership organisations that truly want to involve members
  3. Organisations worried that conferences are not truly participative
  4. Individuals wanting to create a movement
  5. Agencies representing groups of separate individuals who could be more powerful if they came together