Rhetoric + Impro =

Unique Speaker Training Workshop

About You

You want your team to create a memorable, positive impression – at your own events and elsewhere.

They’re intelligent and informed. Some may already be good speakers.

But fear of “losing the room” can be debilitating – causing even good speakers to become defensive and wooden.

This session will teach them to overcome that.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants at this workshop will come away skilled in two seemingly unrelated disciplines.

Classical rhetoric

Rhetoric teaches you to prepare for any speaking occasion:

Not just for the Ancient Greeks

Theatrical impro

Impro teaches you to throw away the careful prep, if circumstances require, and be spontaneous:

We all improvise, all the time, without thinking

The combination is rare and exhilarating.

How Long?

Three hours, with a break.

First: Writing exercises and discussion
Then: standing up in front of each other and trying stuff

The Value

Participants will leave the session ready to change the world. (I know! Big claim!)

How To Change The World, and A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech
Two of my books, published in 16 languages.
"Learn, as I have, from John-Paul Flintoff. Highly recommend" - Terry Szuplat, speechwriter to US president Barack Obama

Fee Structure

After we have discussed your needs, and agreed a fee, I’ll ask for half to be paid in advance, as a non-refundable deposit.

The remainder is payable within seven days of the workshop.

Please let me know if you’d like to proceed.

Best wishes

John-Paul Flintoff