Your face here?

This is me, as Gulliver, accompanied by a lot of Lilliputians in Jonathan Swift's novel. If I'd lived when Swift was around, and if the great man had asked me to help fund his book, I'd have leapt at the chance. Here, I might have said, I'll give you a few quid if you put my face in the book, somewhere.

Sadly, I didn't live when Swift was around. But guess what – I need a few quid to publish my novel (in which one of the main characters is Jonathan Swift. How about that!).

So here's your chance! For just £120, you can have your beautiful – no, enchanting – face adorn any of a dozen or so characters in the novel, forever.

This will help me to bring the novel into print, and ensure your literary immortality. What are you waiting for?! Just click here.