Yikes - continued

Thanks for letting me know you’re OK with the dark stuff.

But before we get to that, I want to be clear that you will never SILENCE your Inner Critic. And that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Without an Inner Critic, you might start rushing about in public naked, stealing from shops and whacking people.

The Inner Critic is useful, so long as you understand that it can get things wrong.

You might be thinking: why did I call the course “How To Silence Your Inner Critic”?

Because nobody would be interested in a course called:

How To Become More Aware
Of Your Inner Critic
And Assess What It Has To Say
Rather Than Take It At Face Value,
Then Argue Back

What I want to share with you are ideas to help you stop beating yourself up, or anyway sabotaging yourself.

Call it whatever you like.

For shorthand, I’ll continue to call it How To Silence Your Inner Critic.

Right, let’s continue

Here’s a recording of the start of one of those talks I gave at a law firm (entitled, just because, “High Flyer To Rock Bottom”).

It gives you a bit of useful context.

Did you get to that bit where they laughed?

I’ll never know. But in hope that you DID

Did you raise your hand? If so, you may like to find out about the nine-day course.

Takes 15 mins a day (often less)

And you can do it at your own speed.

If you really want to, you can gallop through the whole thing at once. But I don’t recommend that. It’s better to let it sink in gradually.


The next page goes into more detail.