Writing a Book Proposal | Timesaving tip

Some book covers, front and back.

1. Go into a branch of Waterstones (or other well supplied bookshop).

2. Take photographs of the front and back cover of books much like the one you intend to write.

3. Use the text reading thingy on your iPhone to copy all the text on everything – or other type of phone, but I don’t know anything about other phones.

4. Feed all that text into your favourite AI wotsit.

5. Command the AI to make sense of it all.

6. Repeat previous step a few times because let’s face it the AI won’t be flawlessly brilliant.

7. Use your actual brain to write something marvellous, based on the AI material – or not, as you see fit.

I did all this today, and it took considerably less time than doing it without assistance of AI in Ye Olden Days.

Note: At the time of writing, my preferred AI tool is perplexity.ai, which provides references as standard.

Thank you for reading – or for instructing your AI to read on your behalf.

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