What is Fashion Revolution Day?

Fashion Revolution Day is getting closer, and together with many other people I made this film to explain what it's all about. Please watch, and please share.

Why share? One of the advisers closely connected to the Fashion Revolution Day campaign is a banker who deals with ethical investment funds. He told us very clearly: if we get lots of social media support we can harvest that data and prove to manufacturers that there is an appetite for change.

As well as sharing, please also turn a garment #insideout, take a photo, and send it to the manufacturer, asking what they know about the people who made it. Do it on Fashion Revolution Day – but you don't have to wait till then – or if you missed it, you can still do it now.

It all helps.

Please also watch these short films showing more from my interviews with some of the contributors to our film:

Carry Somers, co-founder of Fashion Revolution Day, on FRD's global reach

Luke Swanson, FRD coordinator in Bangladesh, on seeing makers as artisans, not victims