Telephone Calls in the 21st Century | Still A Thing

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Recently, I telephoned a friend. Then another. And a third.

The first friend didn’t answer. But he has a crummy signal in Oxfordshire, so I called his other number and this time he answered.

After we had spoken for about an hour, I called the second friend – she too answered, although she was just on the way out, she said.

We spoke for quite a while, if slightly less than the previous call.

The third call went to voicemail, so I left a chatty message.


Why am I telling you this? Because it struck me how very strange it is.

I actually telephoned someone! And then another person! They didn’t screen the call! A third person, for whom I left a message, called me back!

I didn’t send a message to these people on one of the gazillions of “platforms” that have so helpfully squeezed themselves into our lives.

I didn’t send a preliminary email.

It was Eddy who reminded me last year that I can actually call someone and have a chat without first fixing a date or sending a calendar link etc. Thanks Eddy.

Gosh. What a thing!


Yes, this post has been about someone telephoning his friends.

You’re welcome.