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1. Welcome

00:00 – Introductions and setting up the session guidelines
- Discussing what each participant wants to get out of the videos

0:20:36 Catherine practices her video while others listen
- Feedback on Catherine’s video

0:29:44 Michael describes what he wants from his videos
- Michael practices his video while others listen
- Feedback and discussion on Michael’s video

0:40:08 Bonnie discusses her two video goals for therapy and business support.
- Feedback and discussion

Catherine: “Just speaking without too much preparation was good for me to do.”

Michael: “For my intended audience of Fathers of the Bride (or anyone giving a Parent of the Bride speech, whether father or not) the story of my first client is sufficiently compelling that it should be the centrepiece of my video(s).”

Bonnie: “Letting myself be more ambitious as I’m speaking actually has a more positive impact.”

You can Download The Transcript.

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