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Thank you for signing up. I’m glad to have you here.

You should have received an email from me. If you can’t find it, please check your bin and spam folders. Also: please add me to your address book, to prevent other messages being lost.

On this page, you’ll find what you need to get started.

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Book Your Office Hours Slot(s)

Come and say hello, and share any questions or ideas with me in one of my twice-weekly office hours sessions.

They’re on Mondays and Thursdays, at 12.30 until 1.30 UK time.

I’ve set a limit on the number of people who can join. It may be that you get me all to yourself, because this course is relatively new.

Please be prompt. I’m happy to do the full hour, but if you’ve got what you need we can finish early.

I use Calendly to schedule meetings. The next available slots should show up here, and when you’ve completed the booking you’ll be sent the Zoom link by email.

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4. Tell Me What You Want

I want this to be a) enjoyable for you and b) highly effective. It will help me to help you if you tell me what you want to achieve.

Can you put it into words?

  1. Describe what a decent outcome would be. (The more specific you can be, the better.)
  2. Describe the kind of outcome that would be spectacularly wonderful. (Don’t be realistic, go bonkers.)

Think of this as your first bit of homework.

Take your time, but don’t leave this page until you have come up with something. You can send your answers with this link:

jp at this domain name

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Get Started

The course starts on the next page. You can go through at your own speed, but I strongly recommend that you take a few days to process each of the five parts. You simply won’t learn much if you rush through.

I want you to find this course both enjoyable and useful. If it’s failing on either count, I want to know! Please get in touch, and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Here’s the email again:

jp at this domain name