Excited, Then Fearful: in 59 seconds

Excited, then fearful – that’s how it is with public speaking.

If there’s no excitement or fear, your talk will be sub-optimal. At least, that’s been my experience.

Yesterday, I gave a talk to some extremely nice people, many of them old friends, hosted by the Union Club, Soho, to help launch the book.

I confess here (don’t tell anybody!) that I got in a proper pickle beforehand.

And thank goodness for that.

Today (publication day) seems like a good opportunity to say thank you to my agent, Jaime Marshall, my publishers Aurea Carpenter and Rebecca Nicolson of Shortbooks, many others listed in the book’s Acknowledgements pages – and still more who are not listed in it.

Here, for your delectation, are the Acknowledgements pages:

You can buy the book on Amazon (and elsewhere).