What Speechwriters Can Learn By Delivering A Speech

Learn to truly connect with your audience and deliver speeches that engage people from start to finish.1

In this insightful video, speechwriter and public speaking coach John-Paul Flintoff shares hard-won lessons on the importance of delivery – not just content.

Originally delivered Live, on LinkedIn 28 Sept 2023

00:00 STARTS

07:00 Flintoff pulls back the curtain on his process, showing mind maps and drawings that helped structure this presentation.

08:40 Don’t miss Tony Blair and the Russian Foreign Minister losing their audiences – and advice on how to avoid similar pitfalls.

14:30 The little-known weakness of Winston Churchill as orator.

23:22 Flintoff describes an eye-opening improv exercise using 7 volunteers that will reveal how well you read a crowd. You’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how people fared.

Through humorous anecdotes and practical tips delivered with passion, this presentation is a must for any writer wanting to help their words truly resonate. Click play to level up your speaking skills and connect more meaningfully with every audience.


1 All the blurb on this page was written by AI, and edited by JPF. Thanks for reading.