My Viral TEDx: What happened, from start to finish

In 2017, Steve Chapman delivered a TEDx talk that rapidly went viral.

(To be clear, the title of this post refers to Steve, not me.)

In 2020, Steve agreed to join me and some friends to watch that TEDx again, together. I had a hunch that if Steve watched it with other people it might heighten the experience, and help him to give us a sense of what it was like to prepare his talk, deliver it, and deal with the aftermath.

The video on this page (below) contains that entire “watchback” session. You can jump to the point where I introduce Steve at 8 mins 15 seconds.

I’m confident that anybody who wishes to be a better speaker will benefit enormously from watching this brilliant man, my friend Steve Chapman, reflect on his experience – and from the Q&A that follows.

If you don’t have an hour to watch it now, please save this page somewhere and come back when you do have time.

Thank you Steve, and thank you Pete, David, Joel, Jan, Rachel and Zoe.