John-Paul Flintoff

Sales 2

Looking forward to “yes”

One woman who came to a training session felt highly uncomfortable. “What would I do pretty much anything to avoid?” she asked. “Cold calling. I haven’t made a cold call for 15 years. I’d rather starve.”

But she agreed to do some exercises – even cold calling in front of an audience.

And this is what she said at the end: “I went from feeling the steely grip of fear at the mere thought of a cold call to realising that the consequences are not a hefty fine, public humiliation, or the firing squad – just a person who might say no. And that I can handle.”

“I was baffled and amazed by what you highlighted for me. As someone interested in non-verbal communication, who has practised walking proudly into a room, I didn’t realise how excruciatingly ‘low confidence’ I was when I talk about my work” – Lorna, media

Sales 3

Using ‘punk motivation’

Be Yourself In Any Language

Increasingly, I'm working with people whose work requires them to use a foreign language, and struggle to feel fully themselves – not only when selling.