What would be possible, if you were better at selling?

There’s a good chance that you’re here reading this today because you feel frustrated and confused.

You have great ideas, products and A PLAN TO MAKE THE WORLD SO MUCH BETTER – but part of you feels that selling is distasteful, probably dishonest, and certainly brash.

Well, you're not alone.

The main thing getting in the way is probably your own way of thinking:

  • You don't want to be fake.
  • You don't want to manipulate people.
  • At the same time, a part of you can't bear the idea that they might say no.

That combination can be paralysing, and lead you to ignore the very idea of selling – perhaps come to believe that it literally has nothing to do with you.

You may even feel you're “above all that”.

As a result, your ideas, your products and your world-changing mission remain hidden from the world. Which benefits nobody.

Imagine if Van Gogh, having failed to sell again and again, just gave up producing canvases to send to his dealer. Or if Martin Luther King was bashful about selling his dream.

And let's not forget the financial aspect: being short of cash is just no fun.

I have spent years learning about this, often the hard way, and today my goal is to share what I’ve learned with as many people as humanly possible.

Please give me a moment to tell you how.


Specifically I work with companies, organisations and individuals who have something splendid to share, but feel icky doing it.

I provide a fresh way of looking at the problem of asking people to “buy in” – whether for money or more generally.

I love this work, because watching people overcome their anxiety is priceless.

And it's often also very funny.

One woman who came to a session recently said this:

“What would I do pretty much anything to avoid? Cold calling. I haven’t made a cold call for 15 years. I'D RATHER STARVE. But last night I found myself cold calling in front of an audience – my own personal nightmare.

“It was gloriously horrible and horribly glorious, feeling that belly-tight awkwardness and yet finding that something came out of my mouth all the same. Finding out that when I forget to sell and get interested in the person, things go better.

“I went from feeling the steely grip of fear at the mere thought of a cold call,” she said, “to realising that the consequences are not a hefty fine, public humiliation, or the firing squad.

“Just a person who might say no. And that’s something I can handle.”

In order to work with people who aren't able to come to my live events, I run training events on the internet.

If that sounds like something you'd like, keep reading.

What do I know about the art of persuasion?

It started when I did cold-calls, on holiday from university, trying to sell Time magazine to people who didn’t even speak English. Boy, was that tough.

It continued when I worked for two years in marketing at the HQ of one of the world's largest companies.

When I achieved my ambition of becoming a journalist, I developed more persuasive skills – both face to face, in interviews, and then in my stories, as a writer and associate editor on The Financial Times. I learned from some of the best editors alive.

Since then, I’ve trained as a coach, spoken before audiences of as many as 5000 people, on four continents, launched my own range of ceramic ware, and crowd-funded a book (I learned so much, doing that, mostly by doing it all wrong again and again.)

I’ve gone from being a journalist with just one customer to somebody who has worked with literally thousands of people.

In the process I've mastered any number of tech tools for finding more and more customers.

But I've saved the best till last: training in improvisational theatre with Keith Johnstone, over several years, I picked up some incredible skills. Skills that gave me the ability to teach other people the most fundamental part of sales and marketing:


Today, it’s my mission to share what I've learned as widely as possible. Because it genuinely upsets me when people I know to be talented and brilliant let slip, in unguarded remarks, that they have no idea how much they have to offer the world.

I’ve created an exclusive training course, making what I have learned available not just to people who can come to my live events – but to absolutely anyone, anywhere.

Find a lot more customers, in less than an hour

But I only share the course with people who subscribe to my email list.

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