Micromastery | Promoting Other People Is Easy

My pal Rob was on BBC Radio 4 Today programme, talking about Micromastery. That is: the wonderful business of doing something small, very well.

Afterwards, on social media, Rob shared a link to the radio programme. But to listen to him, people had to jump through lots of other news. I worried that this was time-consuming and might put people off before they heard him.

So I set up my computer to record only Rob’s interview, which lasted 3 mins 37 secs. I cut together two photos of Rob and the interviewer, and I mixed the sound and image to create a movie for upload to YouTube, and Facebook.

I tagged Rob on Facebook so it would show up in his timeline for all his friends.

For good measure, I promoted the Facebook post (turned it into an ad) targeted at people who are creative:

Shamelessly plugging my mat Rob: 2,814 views for £11.23 on Facebook

In just one day, for £11.23 (less than the price of the book), I got Rob a lot of views.

He didn’t ask me to do any of this. I just know how much harder it is to promote oneself than to promote others.

This was not some kind of heroic generosity. I can spare £11.23, I owe Rob, big time, for many things… and anyway he gave me the book for nothing.

You can “watch” the radio interview here. As I said, it’s just 3 mins 37 secs:

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my own “micromastery” promoting a friend’s book…

You can buy it here.

PS. Here’s what Rob posted on Facebook afterwards: