Postcards from the edge #10

Sketches from my breakdown


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Yesterday I vowed to shred all my leftover postcards because I “don’t want to be Mr Mental Health forever”. . I got a message from somebody asking to come to an arrangement – to take them from me and sell them to raise money for a mentoring programme she’s setting up. . Well, if she thinks they are useful, fair enough: she can have them. (You know who you are.) . But I was so looking forward to the shredding! “Closure”, they call it. But a bit of an illusion, I daresay. . So I shredded them a little differently than expected, making this little 3D “theatre” out of what had previously been four identical postcards. . If you follow along, you will see how to do something similar of your own. . FYI, this was the first time I’ve done this, and it went relatively smoothly and fast. Give it a go. . . . . . . . #paper #cutout #hatewaste #mentor #mentoring #thankyou

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